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Regression therapy
Self Hypnosis

When using hypnoanalysis and self hypnosis it can on some occasions be an advantage to look at past life. This is accomplished through regression therapy.

Everything have a reason. Within hypnoanalysis you sometimes seek the reason for the clients trouble in the early childhood. The young inexperienced mind have not yet learned to interpret and understand the surrounding world which often leads to inner conflicts strengthened by feelings like fear, rage, and shame. Sometimes these stormy feelings gets so strong that the child cannot handle them. At that moment the instinct of self-preservation appears and forces down the conflict creating feeling to the sub conscious where they are not reachable for the conscious self, memory and intelligence. However, they are not "gone" just because the conscious me do not have access to them, instead they appear in other forms from which the most noticeable probably is phobias and anxiety.

The hypnoanalytic works towards a situation, a milieu of mutual trust, which makes it possible for the client to meet her "shadow" (often strong guilt and shame) and can let them out in the open. If this succeed the hard work is practically done and the analyst and his client can expect a fast recovery. Sometimes you simply get stuck, all life limited symptoms still remains after a "successfully" preformed analysis which should have released them. In this situation, regression therapy can be the only solution.

Regression therapy can be done in various ways. One way is for example to follow a symptom through different lives. This way you can for example find that a client that have incurable migraine have been hurt in the head in an earlier life. The resume of that situation with all what it means in form of feelings and insight often is enough for the migraine to disappear. With this method Dr Brian Weiss, among others, have been treating thousands of clients in the USA. You can also, like Dr Thorwald Dietlefsen in Germany, move further and follow the symptoms through several past lives to find out what the client, through her symptoms, really want to say to her self - what is it she wants to learn from the situation. This unavoidable leads us to questions about responsibility and guilt - heavy questions but also un describable relieving to sort out. This is indeed self insight

The road to this relieving insight lines up many other good effects, for example that you loose your fear of death as you really see how life goes on - that death for many just seem to mean a path to another way of living another life, a change of body much like a simple change of clothes.

Even if you are a big skeptic of the truth of past lives, the fact is that it works and is successfully used even by therapists that are quit skeptic to the reincarnation thought.

And who really cares if past lives is a realty or not? It is the result we want! The client want to get rid of her phobia or migraine and does not care, with few exceptions, what method is used - the important is that it works.

Of course, you can also do a regression even if you are 100% healthy. Past lives is an interesting phenomenon for many people, even if they don't feel they have a particular problem. It is enrich for the insight to do a regression.