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Would you consider an hypnosis therapy for treating conventional medical problems?

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Suggestion therapy - Hypnotic suggestions
Self Hypnosis

A number of problems, for example stress, smoking, nail biting, exam nerves, dieting, relaxation, low self esteem, sleeping disorder, bed wetting, fear of dentist, fear of public speaking, etc have the common factor that they origin from the human mind and therefore can successfully be treated with suggestion therapy.

To work with hypnotic suggestions mean the effect from the suggestions must multitude, it's all about exchanging negative thinking for positive.

Thus you give the sub conscious mind repeated messages about what you want to change / accomplish. With the help from the suggestions you change the feelings and attitudes that surrounds the problem. You bring forward self esteem and optimism to correct the bad habit.

Suggestions can
a) contain mental preparation before difficult situations
b) strengthen and realize feelings and unwillingness towards the bad habit
c) introduce new habits

Suggestion therapy is not recommended for more serious problems as it do not release and resolve the actual reason, suggestion therapy is only a way to relieve symptoms. Usually two to three consultations is enough when using hypnotic suggestions.