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Would you consider an hypnosis therapy for treating conventional medical problems?

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Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis used to bring forward the reasons for a psychological problem like phobia, migraine, remorse. anorexia, abnormal over weight, hypochondria, fear of death, unexplainable pain, sexual disorder, alcoholism and a lot of problems that can be related to the mind. Hypnosis can also successfully be used to "only" accomplish increased self knowledge.

Hypnosis can be summed up as the act about reason and effect: each symptom(effect) must have a reason.


Through self hypnosis you can reach difficult memories that once was repressed and for that reason never treated. Such memories is often associated with strong feelings which later in life have given various symptoms. During the analysis they are brought forward and by that the reason for the evil is annihilated which naturally leads to that the symptoms are removed.

The ambition is to take you to a moment of of surprising and relieving information. It is not unusual that this is accomplished already after 8-12 consultations. During the Hypnosis it can at some point in time be of benefit to include regression therapy, for example to follow a symptom through passed lives. This is of course only done after an agreement between the client and the therapist.

Read about regression therapy.

It should be pointed out that Hypnosis is used for a complete relieve as the causing disorder is removed.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to suffer from "something within but out of control" presupposed that they are willing to sacrifice some time, money, energy and a bit of self discipline to get relieved from their problem.

The usage of hypnosis dramatically decreases the analysis period. The result of the conventional psycho analysis is to be expected with only a few dozen consultations. It may sound incredible, but is nevertheless true.

As hypnosis is a private and individual therapy, you cannot say with certainty how many consultations is needed, but you can calculate 6-12.